EcoChallenge Overview


The EcoChallenge is woven throughout the BR program and offers student-based action projects in five ecological footprint areas – waste, energy, water, transportation and food. These hands-on activities increase awareness of the impact of our actions, aim to inspire action and model changing behaviour.

The EcoChallenge Resources offer many options for exciting student projects or you can choose to design your own.  All projects must align with an Eco Footprint category and collect measurable data on the action taken.  EcoChallenge projects can take place in the school or at home.

New for 2017 * EcoChallenge Contest

The EcoChallenge now includes a contest among Beyond Recycling classes that choose to take action by participating in hands-on EcoChallenge projects.  The more EcoChallenge projects a class completes, the more opportunities they will have to win prizes.

This year, there are a total of 11 cash prizes worth a total of $1200. The chances of winning a prize will depend on the number of EcoChallenges completed by participating BR Classes.  Teachers have the opportunity to enter in up to 5 categories (waste, water, energy, transportation, and food).   Each class can select the number and type of EcoChallenges to complete based on the needs/interests of their class.